The Wendover Society


Welcome to the Wendover Society.

Wendover is a lovely place to live and work – our aim is to keep it that way!

If you look at our section outlining the history of the Society you will see that it was set up by members of the Community who cared for the environment they lived in. They faced a threat to the charm and feel of the area and they wanted to do something about it.

Today is no different, the Society members and the committee work to ensure that our views are communicated to those whose plans affect us. We are non-political but like politicians we do share a passion for our cause.

All environments change over time and Wendover needs to adapt and change as the wider world evolves. We do not live in a time capsule, nor are we a bunch of NIMBYs. We do however need to ensure that changes planned are sympathetic to the nature of what is a historic settlement and they do not swamp it to the point of it being unrecognisable.

As a place to live and shop, we very much benefited from the building of the by-pass. The building of HS2 will be a bigger undertaking and will no doubt cause great disruption whilst it is being built, and for some, once it’s up and running. Hard on the heels of this will be the exit of the RAF from Halton and no doubt the subsequent redevelopment of the existing buildings on the base. In the way we have let our feelings be known on HS2 we will need to work with others to try to ensure that any development at Halton comes with its own infrastructure and that the impact on Wendover is managed so it does not destroy the nature of such an attractive community.

Wendover faces even more challenges going forward. The AVDC target for housebuilding, and as part of this Wendover being classed as a ‘strategic settlement’ is itself challenging to our environment, but add in the prospect of large scale development at Halton and danger looms.

We need to recognise however that we need more local employment, we need better infrastructure and more affordable homes to encourage younger people to stay in, or be attracted to, Wendover. We can be a voice to try to ensure that issues such as these are delivered in a way that still recognises the true essence of the area and we don’t end up as just another satellite of Aylesbury

We hope you will support us, and indeed join the Society, in our purpose to help protect the place we love.