The Wendover Society

The Wendover Society Introduction

The Wendover Society is a registered charity whose principal aims are to protect the charm and scale of Wendover. Our activities include:

  • Making representations to local authorities and at public inquiries when appropriate.
  • Supporting and acting in association with the Parish Council when our views coincide.
  • Consulting our members on issues by email when appropriate.
  • Organising social and informative events for our members.
  • Engaging in enviromental projects to improve Wendover and its surrounds.
  • Protecting and promoting parish footpaths and bridleways.
  • Involvement with other like minded bodies.

The Wendover Society warmly welcomes new members. Click on "Joining Us" for information about how to join Wendover society and how to download a printable membership form.

54th Annual General Meeting

St Anne's Hall Wendover

Friday 27 March at 7.30pm


Key posts - Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary - have been vacant for the last year.  With the imminent retirement of three of the four remaining Committee members at the end of March the Wendover Society will have to be dissolved unless volunteers step forward to fill the vacant posts before the AGM on 27 March.

The Agenda for the AGM and Committee's report can be downloaded by clicking here.

Draft Minutes of the 2019 AGM  and 23 April 2019 SGM can be downloaded by clicking  here.

A copy of the Audited Accounts for 2019 can be downloaded by clicking here