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17 February 2020Committee's Report For 2019
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31 October 2019Wendover Parish Council Noise Event St Mary's Parish Church 7.00 pm
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Committee's Report For 2019
Monday 17 February 2020


Key posts - Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary - have been vacant for the last year meaning that the society has been unable to effectively carry out its activities to help “protect the charm and scale of Wendover”.  With the imminent retirement of three of the four remaining Committee members at the end of March the Wendover Society will have to be dissolved unless volunteers step forward to fill the vacant posts before the AGM on 27 March.



Following the failure to receive any nominations for the vacant Executive Committee posts (Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary) at the AGM on 22 February 2019, a Special General Meeting was held on 23 April 2019 to review the way forward for the Wendover Society.

During the Special General Meeting there was a wide-ranging discussion with many points made, the majority of which were positive and encouragingly supportive. Several volunteers offered to help with specific tasks and events, which was appreciated. Nevertheless, after more than an hour’s debate, no new nominations for election to the Committee were forthcoming.

It was agreed that in these circumstances the Committee had no alternative but to substantially reduce its current commitments for the remainder of 2019 and place the Society in a period of “hibernation” until the AGM in February 2020, at which time the position would be reviewed.

During the remainder of the year the Committee continued to monitor Planning issues - which is seen as central to the Society’s main purpose  - and to plan for the Annual Harvest Supper held in October.

At the Special General Meeting held on 23 April it was made clear to members that, unless volunteers came forward to stand for election to the vacant Executive Committee positions (Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary) by the date of the 2020 AGM,  the Society would have no choice but to enter a process of formal dissolution due to the impending resignations of three out of the four existing Committee members.

To date, and despite the best efforts of current Committee members to encourage positive responses from the wider membership, there have been no volunteers.   It is, therefore, with considerable regret, we must advise members that this course of action will be followed at the AGM, subject to the receipt of any timely applications to join the Committee before or at the meeting.

Wendover Society Committee – February 2020

Jeff Addison

John Bryson

Bob Lewis

Jenny Senior