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20 May 2019Minutes of Wendover Society Special General Meeting 23 April 2019
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Minutes of Wendover Society Special General Meeting 23 April 2019
Monday 20 May 2019


Held on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 at St Anne’s Hall, Wendover
 Present: Committee; Jeff Addison (acting Chair), Bob Lewis, John Bryson, Jenny Senior and 56 members.

1. Jeff Addison outlined the background (see attached note) and purpose of the meeting which had been agreed at the AGM following the failure of any candidates to come forward to fill the executive positions on the Committee.
2. Members present were invited to comment on the situation and where appropriate make suggestions as to a way forward for the Society. There followed a wide ranging discussion with many points made, the majority of which were positive and encouragingly supportive. A number of volunteers offered to help with specific tasks and events which was appreciated. Nevertheless, after more than an hour’s debate, no new nominations for election to the Committee were forthcoming.
3. It was agreed that in these circumstances the Committeen had no alternative but to substantially reduce its current commitments, essentially: the newsletters, coffee mornings and the Summer Picnic will be suspended. The Committee will continue to monitor Planning issues - which is seen as central to the Society’s main purpose - and make arrangements for the Annual Harvest Supper. No other activities will be followed through until the AGM in February 2020 at which time the position will be reviewed.
4. There was no other Business and the meeting closed at approximately 9.15pm
By order of the Committee. 20th May 2019